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Wolfe Roofing are dedicated to serving the needs of ordinary people as well as businesses in and around the London area with regard to all aspects of roofing.
Nothing lasts forever, even if well maintained, and roofs are no exception. We specialise in domestic re-roofing using top quality materials and systems tried and tested for the ‘great British weather’. Whatever your house type: detached, bungalow, semi, tenament etc we can re-roof it in a choice of materials including slate, concrete tile & clay tile. Wolfe Roofing handles complete re-roofing jobs from start to finish with as little disruption as possible to the homeowner.
Tiled Roofing is a popular method of waterproofing pitched and vertical surfaces for the commercial and public market. With a vast choice of concrete tiles, and clay tiles, the individual is assured of a roof finish to suit specific needs .Combined with the latest breathable membranes and accessories including dry-fix methods, roof ventilation, roof insulation and so forth, a complete tile roof system can be installed to the highest standards expected. Wolfe Roofing selects the correct quality roofing tiles to enhance your property. Ensuring our customers receive nothing but the best for their tiled roofing requirements.
From a slipped slate to a complete new roof, Wolfe Roofing are here to help.  We cover all aspects of slate roofs including new roofs, roof repairs and leadwork. We use specialist products and there are several different slating options that include Spanish Slate, Welsh Slate & synthetic slates (new or reclaimed).
Whether your roof has been badly damaged or just needs a few tiles replaced, we are the specialists you can trust, repaired early enough can stop further damage and avoid a full roof replacement.
We recommend fibreglass roofing for all sorts of roof shapes including existing flat roofs and garage roofs; the GRP roof can also be applied in the new build process. Since the application of our GRP fibreglass roofs is a cold application, there are no risks during or after the installation of this system and is a completely seamless roof system.  A well-laid GRP roof can be expected to give trouble-free service for at least 20 years and can be best achieved using the best available materials. Our Premium Grade system has a 20 year warranty which allows professional installers to offer customers greater security.
EPDM rubber roofing dramatically lowers the carbon footprint of a structure in a number of ways. The lifespan of a rubber roof is up to 5 times that of a felt roof and 2-3 times longer than anasphalt roof. EPDM is installed in an exceptionally more eco-friendly way, without the lengthy and dangerous use of heat and flames. Combined with these properties are the facts that EPDM rubber
sheet roofing provides excellent thermal properties and is an outstanding sealant against water penetration. The life expectancy of EPDM rubber is 40+ years and it comes with a 20 year manufacturer's guarantee.
We can supply quality flat roofs for your home or business. All our roofs are highly durable and different systems are available depending on the roof being warm or cold deck. We ensure that all our roofs are fitted to the highest standard with high quality products.
We have a wide range of fascias and soffits to match the ones currently on your property. Our quality UPVC fascia and soffits are durable and will require little or no maintenance in the future.
One of the most popular forms of renewable energy, solar panels offer tangible benefits for the homeowner and the environment. For the homeowner, solar panels deliver a significant reduction in heat or electricity bills. There's also the opportunity to earn money from the UK Government's solar incentive schemes. For the environment, solar energy represents a cleaner, greener alternative to fossil fuels. Solar panels emit no carbon dioxide as they operate, helping the planet to minimise its carbon footprint. Who better is there to be climbing on your roof fitting solar panels than a roofer!
We are specialists in roofing leadwork services. Lead is an exceptional material for roof coverings, to cover flat roofs, to line valley gutters and to cover a wide variety of connections between slate/tile work and masonry, chimneys and to waterproof the junction between tiles and brickwork, or tile-to-tile junctions which are vulnerable to penetration by water, such as gullies.
Wolfe Roofing clean and repair all types of residential and commercial guttering. Gutter cleaning, gutter repair and gutter lining services for your house or business. From a small private house to a large multinational company, we will ensure very competitive pricing and the very highest gutter cleaning and repair standards, guaranteeing a perfect result on gutters, gully and down pipe emptying and repair.
Chimneys are always a problem point for ageing roofs so weather you need re-pointing, re-flaunching, re-leading or to be removed below roof level and tiled over then give us a call us for a free no obligation quote that will be competitive and executed to the highest standards.
With additional daylight and ventilation, Velux windows are a great addition to your roof space. Wolfe Roofing can supply and fit the Velux windows that meet your requirements.  To find a new window or replace an existing one suitable for your roof, please visit the Velux website: or give us a call and we’ll come and show you what you require.
Metal sheet roofs often being corrugated galvanized steel are an alternative to traditional roofs and are lightweight, durable and require very little maintenance along with being very labour efficient are a great alternative for covering large areas of roof and also smaller buildings such as garages etc.
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